For over 30 years Wilksons have been making modifications to trucks to suit their working environment, while remaining compliant to NZTA specifications and OEM specifications and are independently certified. 

Dual Control Vehicles

These are standard cab vehicles that have been fitted with dual steering controls and are capable of being operated from either side of the vehicle.

Dual Steer Sit Down

Dual Steer Mirror Image

Dual Steer LEV's

Typically used in the refuse collection industry or at airports, these vehicles have a low entry point on the opposite side to the driver and operated from a standing position. These necessitate a wide range of safety features that allow drivers to control the vehicles from both right and left-hand sides in a safe manner for drivers, staff, pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

These vehicles are set up individually for both normal refuse and collection of recyclable materials being glass, plastics and paper. These vehicles are often fitted with self-steer tag axles to assist manoeuvrability in tight subdivisions and cul-de-sacs

Dual Steer LEV's

View the training video here for the Dual Steer LEV

Air Suspensions

Air suspension kits together with alloy wheels are often fitted to increase ride comfort and load ratings. These are fitted and tested to fine tolerances before being independently certified before delivery to the distributor or customer.

Suspension Change

Rear Tag Axles

Tag axles are fitted to the rear of the truck either before or after the drive axles to increase load ratings. Tag axles are often added at the same time as chassis are modified and can incorporate OEM standard suspension or air suspension kits as ordered. Tag axles can be fixed as standard or self-steering tag axles can be used where the turning radius is tight and additional steering assistance is required with additional benefits of decreased tyre wear. Configurations out to 10×4

Fixed Tag Axle

Tag Pusher Axe 10x4

Additional Steering Axles

Additional steering axles are retrofitted to trucks where additional front axle loadings are required to accommodate truck-mounted cranes or to enable load positioning to maximise bulk and weight over the given area and comply with NZTA specifications. This work requires both OEM and locally manufactured components and is independently certified.

Steering Tag Axle Rear

Twin Steer

Chassis Modifications

Chassis, drivelines and associated components are modified to suit specialised configurations required by Truck distributors and clients alike to provide the ultimate specification for the type of work to be undertaken. This is exacting work that must meet OEM specifications and is independently certified to last the lifespan of the truck. Braking, electrical and air work is required and must perform to NZTA specifications.

Wheelbase Lenghten

Wheelbase Shorten