Wilkinson Transport Engineers

Welcome to Wilkinson Transport Engineers Limited.

WTE manufactures state-of-the-art dual steels for rubbish, line-marking and sweeper trucks among other work for clients throughout New Zealand and has been operating in Cambridge for over 30 years.

The business specialises in heavy truck cab/chassis modifications and low production runs of specialised and modified trucks in the refuse and recycling industry.  The expereince our team offers your business in the transformation and modification of heavy trucks to suit your business needs, requires precission engineering from a team of experts that understand and meet all New Zealand specifications.


Dual Control Vehicles

Dual Steer Sit Down

Dual Steering Controls
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Dual Steer Mirror Image

Dual steering controls.
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Low Entry Vehicles (LEV's)

Dual Steer LEV

Refuse collection industry or at airports
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Air Suspensions

Suspension Change

Air suspension kits.
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Rear Tag Axles

Fixed Tag Axle

Tag axles can be fixed as standard or self-steering
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Tag Pusher Axe 10x4

Configurations out to 10×4 for rear tag axles 

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Additional Steering Axles

Steering Tag Axle Rear

Retro fitted for additional front axle loadings
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Twin Steer

Load positioning to maximise bulk and weight
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Chassis Modifications

Wheelbase Lengthen

The modification meets OEM and NZTA specifications.
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Wheelbase Shorten

Specialist configurations as required by truck distributors
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Building Tomorrows Talent

Wilkinsons Engineering is proud to train up the next generation of engineers, through our apprenticeship programme.

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